5 Star Reviews from Our 5 Star Patients

“Great dentist! Everyone in the building is very nice and makes me feel at ease. Dr. Andrew and his Dad are wonderful!”
– Jasmine S.

“I had a bad toothache from a cracked tooth that I’d previously had a root canal on. A friend recommended I try Capitol. The dentist told me I could spend a lot of money trying to save the tooth, or just go ahead and pull it. They extracted it quickly (the whole thing took less than an hour, I didn’t need to be put under at all) and ended up saving me a lot of money. It only hurt mildly for like a day. Very satisfied, would definitely recommend them to anyone, especially if you’re like me and a little freaked out by dentists.”
– Anna W.

“This place is the awesome. They don’t try to up-sell you on things you don’t need. Very laid back! The hygienists were the best I have encountered (VERY thorough).”
– Steve W.

“This office is fantastic. They were recommended to me and I highly recommend them to anyone. Dad and son are both here (love a good family biz!) and the staff is kind and professional. Dental care can be expensive and they are very accommodating. They were able to squeeze me in when I was having some dental pain and have helped me when I needed to reschedule too. They also listen to what your concerns are and help you. I was also told that if I felt any pain at any time I was to let them know and they would take care of it. Bonus points for letting you watch some tv while you are getting work done. If you are a nervous Nelly about dental care for any reason then I suggest checking them out.”
– Rachel O.

“I am always so stressed out when I have to pick a new dentist, and there is a serious lack of google ratings for dentist. So I wanted to rate Dr. Johnson’s practice for anyone who may find themselves needing to find a dentist in the Columbia area. I picked Dr. Johnson simply because he was the closet dentist to my office with availability. What good fortune! This office is professional, pleasant, and accommodating. Dr. Johnson is a very honest and gentle dentist, and I am happy to recommend his practice.”
– Leigh S.